About Us

Coast to Coast Anesthesia Seminars, Inc. was founded in 1998 with the primary objective of offering high quality continuing education seminars primarily for CRNA anesthesia providers. We select locations that give the participants an opportunity to enjoy themselves while attending our seminars. We make an effort to plan our lecture schedules to allow plenty of time to enjoy the location.

We attempt to provide a first-rate faculty. We look for instructors that are presently clinically practicing CRNAs or MDs. We are most comfortable with a faculty that we have either heard lecture or have come to us highly recommended by our attendees. Our goal is to present practical information that the practicing CRNA can take home and incorporate into his or her practice. The attendees evaluate each presentation and this evaluation is shared with the instructor.

Our intended audience is practicing CRNAs. Our attendance varies from 40-100 participants per meeting. Judging from past evaluations, our participants enjoy lectures that provide them with day-to-day applications that they can take home and incorporate into their practice.

Program Director
Jerry Young CRNA, BS